Nobitex Staking

Get rewarded for holding your assets in addition to helping improve the performance of blockchain networks.

What is staking?

Staking is a process where users can help the blockchain function by locking their assets to proof-of-stake networks. With this work, in addition to helping to process transactions, network security is also provided. Users receive a reward from the network for locking their assets.

Basic concepts of staking

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Staking training in Nobitex

Why is staking the right way to choose?

Among all these investment methods, why can staking be the right choice for a group of people?

Reducing energy consumption

Networks with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism require less energy to perform a transaction and extract new currencies than networks with a proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

Increasing blockchain security

An increase in assets in proof-of-stake networks will increase confidence in the absence of problems in blockchain networks.

Increasing the speed of blockchain

Each transaction in the network needs to be confirmed by the nodes of a network. By participating in the staking process, the speed of confirming a transaction will increase

Nobitex staking and its benefits

Nobitex staking is a platform for staking tokens of proof-of-stake networks. As a Nobitex user, you can stake your desired cryptocurrency in an integrated platform using the various plans of this platform and receive rewards in return.

Not involving the user with the technical complexities of staking
Staking of multiple cryptocurrencies in one unified platform
Get rewards from staking
Reducing the risk of slashing

Currencies you can stake in Nobitex

Nobitex Staking presentation and tutorial Webinar

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What is staking?

Staking is a way to earn rewards by holding your crypto assets on a Proof of Stake (PoS) network. In this process, your crypto assets are locked in the network to help in the mining process. As a result, the network rewards all participants who helped in mining new coins.

Can I stake my assets on Nobitex?

If you have a minimum amount of assets in one of the supported cryptocurrencies, you can stake them.

What are the benefits of staking on Nobitex?

Each network that supports staking has its own conditions, rules, and complexities. Nobitex has created a staking platform to provide all the staking steps in each network in a uniform and clear structure so that users can benefit from staking rewards in a simple and user-friendly environment without the complexities of different networks.

How is the staking reward calculated?

Each cryptocurrency has its own staking reward rate, which is abbreviated as APR. APR means the annual percentage rate. For example, if you stake for one year, you will receive a percentage of the staked assets as a reward. The APR announced for each network is approximate and the possibility of change in each day based on the rules of each network exists.

What are the risks of staking?

When you stake your assets, your assets are locked up to the amount of staking and will not be available until the staking period expires. Therefore, if the value of the staked asset decreases, there is no way to manage it. Some networks have rules for staking that if the staking participants (validators) in the network are out of the network for a certain period of time and are called Down time, they will take a portion of the staked assets as a penalty. Nobitex considers all the factors that can be considered in selecting validators. But the structure of different networks will always be exposed to this risk.