نوبیتکس اولین بازار مبادله‌ی ارزهای دیجیتال با پول رایج ایرانی در دنیاست. در حال حاضر در نوبیتکس ۲۳ رمزارز برای معامله‌ی ریالی و تتری وجود دارد

گزارش سال ۲۰۲۱ نوبیتکس
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What is Nobitex?

If you are planning to buy digital currencies such as Bitcoin or you want to cash in on your digital assets, Nobitex will help you achieve this as quickly as possible. Nobitex is the first and most reputable Iranian digital currency exchange market for those who are looking for a safe, secure, fast, convenient and cheap way to convert their assets. In this market, buyers and sellers trade with each other without any intermediaries. Among the most important achievements of Nobitex, reducing the risk of blocking the property of Iranian activists in foreign markets, greater transparency of digital currency prices in the Iranian market for buyers and sellers, fast and easy conversion of Rials into digital currencies and vice versa and reducing trading costs to The reason is the removal of intermediaries. Read for more information.

How do I buy digital currency?

After opening an account on the Nobitex site, authentication and account verification, esteemed users can top up their Rial account using the banking portal. After charging the account, immediately using the ordering system, they can register their request for the purchase of digital currency they need at the desired price and volume on the site and, if there is a seller, complete their order. Upon completion of the purchase, the wallet related to the purchased digital currency will be charged automatically. Then, it will be possible to request the withdrawal of digital currency from each users specific wallet. Read for more information.

How do I sell digital currency?

After opening an account on the Nobitex site, authentication and account verification by the site management, esteemed users can use the dedicated address to transfer digital currency to their wallet. After the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain network, the wallet related to the transferred cryptocurrencies will be charged automatically. After this step, it is possible for the user to register his request for the sale of the desired cryptocurrencies with the desired price and volume, and if there is a buyer, to complete his order. After the sale, the users Rial wallet will be charged automatically. Then, it will be possible to request the withdrawal of Rials from the wallet to the bank account. Read for more information.

How do I start?

Working with Nobitex is very simple. First, create an account using your personal email. After authentication, you can deposit the amount of Rials or cryptocurrencies you want in your personal wallet and buy and sell online.

What is authentication?

According to the rules of the worlds financial markets, customer authentication is required to prevent any possible abuse. There are a number of limitations to getting started with Nobitex.

What information do I need to provide for authentication?

It will be possible to start registration using a valid email. Then, according to the required user level, the user must complete his profile information. In level one, the user is required to provide a mobile phone number, color scan of the national card, new passport or identity card, bank card number, account and night in the users own name. Also, to upgrade to a dual-user level, an address and a landline phone with a bill containing the address, a selfie image according to the site template and a mobile number in the users own name are required. For more information on the different user levels and conditions of each, see the page.

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