Security of nobitex line

Our first priority is security of trades and storage of customer's assets. As a result, the core development team was formed by employing programmers experienced in cyber-security. Also, the platform has been tested by well-known cyber-security research centers and it has passed them successfully.

Data Transfer Security

All the data transfered between users and nobitex servers is protected via the strongest encryption protocols. This protocol has A+ security degree from the accredited websited To see the the technical details go to Test Results

for ensuring the security of data transfer, using the new features of browsers such as HSTS, all the necessary measures have been put in place to prevent hack and penetration at transfer protocol level.Also, nobitex users are protected from known attacks such as POODLE, Heartbleed and WeakDH.

Using technologies such as HTTP2 and Session Resumption, it has been assured that the security measures have no negative effect on speed and performance of the system.

Protection of Digital Assets

In NOBITEX platform, the whole digital assets of users is stored in “Cold Storage” wallets. So, even in case of security breach, there will be no access to these assets. Withdrawal from these wallets requires signing by 2 out of 3 of top managing directors.

Local Servers

All services of nobitex including user’s info, details of financial transactions are stored in local servers. Consequently, risk of seizing by foreign governments

Protecting Users'Account

To protect accounts of user in NOBITEX, security measures have been employed at different levels of the platform. Some of them include:

Security Assessments

Security and Penetration tests are continuously performed on NOBITEX system by third party auditors such as Sharif Univ. Security Lab (APA). Also, we are open to opinions and reports by any of respected users. You give us your feedback on security issues via [email protected]